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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Is it safe to purchase products at Pink Armchair.com?  
  Yes! All sales at PinkArmchair.com are handled through the secure site of 2checkout.com, a Better Business Bureau endorsed company. This company handled over 33 million dollars in 2002 and has serviced more than 630,000 buyers. Their track record is impeccable and your credit card information will never be shared without your permission. For maximum protection, 2checkout.com uses SSL encryption on their secured server to handle all transactions.  
  2. What is PinkArmchair.com?  
  Pink Armchair records is a small independent record company formed by Corrinne May. Our store is formed to offer an alternative for fans of Corrinne May to purchase CDs directly from her. Pink Armchair records is also home to other artists including Kavin Hoo. We hope to include more artists in the future as we slowly expand our business.  
  4. Why can't I buy the products at Target, Amazon or CDBaby?  

Kavin Hoo's piano e-Books are available exclusively on PinkArmchair.com. His new age albums may be available at Target, but you may not find all of his titles in one store. As for the other products we carry:

Of course you can! In fact, for international buyers from certain countries (see question 8), we ask that you buy the products at Amazon.com or CDBaby.com as we do not have the means to ship our items there yet. What we do offer for our customers that the other store can't is :

1) Autographed CD (or CDs if you happen to buy for your friends, which we highly recommend!)

2) You are buying directly from the artist!

2) Free Pink Armchair Wallpaper. Corrinne is a cat lover, so it only made sense to include a cat in her record company's logo. Now, you can have this cute wallpaper adorned on your computer. (preview)

  5. Why are Kavin's albums cheaper at Target?  
  In the deal we structured with Compass Lifescapes, the company who releases all of Kavin's albums so far, we have to price his albums higher online to protect Target's market. However, you do have to pay sales tax at Target while you don't when you buy from us. Once you factor that in, the price difference is actually much smaller. Plus, its autographed! :)  
  6. How long does it takes to process my order?  

Your order is processed immediately as soon as your credit card information is verified and approved (usually takes a day). You will receive an itemized invoice via email from 2checkout.com (2CO.com). Your item(s) will then be shipped out from Pink Armchair.com on the next business day. You will be notified of the ship date and tracking number (Express Mail only) via email as well.

  7. Can I get a personalized autographed CD?  

Sorry, we do not offer personalized copies of Corrinne's or Kavin's CD.

  8. How will you ship the items? What about e-Products?  

Lovingly! First, we will pack each item with care, say a little prayer, and then drive to our nearest local Post Office at not more 25 miles/ hr and pass it over to our favorite local Postal employee, Dan.

We currently offer two options for shipping :

1) USPS First Class Mail / Priority Mail - If you are ordering less than 3 CDs, we will ship your items using First Class Mail. For 4 or more CDs, the items will be shipped using Priority Mail. Once shipped, it will take approximately 2 to 5 business days for your order to reach you.

2) USPS Express Mail - Overnight delivery from USPS. Items shipped via Express mail will be delivered to you by noon or 3 p.m. next day. Please take note that we will still take 1 business day or less to prepare your order for shipping.

For global shipping, shipping varies from country to country, but we've seen packages sent by us arriving within 4 business days!


If its an e-product, we will email you the product within 24 hours, most of the time, you will receive the product within hours. Make sure you check the product page to see what requirements you need to use the e-product. Pleese note that this is not an automated process.

  9. What happens if my shipment fail to arrive?  

On very rare occasions, packages do get lost in transit. Once your order is processed and sent to the postal office, its really out of our hands. USPS is the cheapest way to send packages and we choose them to keep the shipping costs low for our customers, but we are not financially responsible for any lost packages. Other than Express mail, all other shipping through USPS does not offer tracking info. However, we opted for Delivery Confirmation for packages sent within the US, where we can check the status of your package should it arrive late. Also if necessary, we can provide proof to you that your shipment was sent out by producing the receipt, or assist you in starting a trace at USPS to try and find the lost package, but the process takes a long time and there is no guarantee that they can locate it. But more often than not, the post office may have accidentatlly misplaced the package and it simply takes a longer time to reach you.

Regardless, please contact us at sales@pinkarmchair.com should you encounter any problems with your order(s).

  10. What are your shipping charges?  

Please check your shopping cart for your shipping charge. You will have the opportunity to see your shipping charges before placing the order. We do not charge shipping for e-products.

Note : We do not ship to all countries yet.

  Countries we are currently shipping to: ( we will continue to update list as we support more countries)  
  North America: USA, Canada  
  * Asia / South East Asia : Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Mainland China, Japan, Phillipines, Thailand, Turkey  

* Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican City, Belgium, Denmark, Austria (add mail surcharge $1.00), Finland

  Oceania: Australia, New Zealand  
  11. I am buying your products from countries outside of USA. Is there anything I need to know?  
  Yes, for physical items, you (buyer) will be responsible for all applicable import taxes or charges levied by customs/ immigration of your country. USPS does not offer tracking for airmail or global priority, so we will not be able to furnish you with any tracking information. Also please be aware that although we at PinkArmchair are extra careful and diligent in sending out packages, we are not responsible for any packages that do get lost in transit on rare occasions.  
  12. Is there a limit to how many CDs I can order?  

Our site does not impose a limit on how many CDs you wish to order. However, if you are looking into purchasing a large quantity of CDs (50 and over), we suggest that you contact us at sales@pinkarmchair.com to explore other ways of shipping that may be more cost effective to you.

  13. What is your returns policy?  
  All sales are final. However, we will replace or reimburse you for any CD or CD jewel case that are damaged upon arrival. All we ask is that you provide a photo proof and contact us at sales@pinkarmchair within 15 days of your invoice date. For obvious reason, e-goods (ie: e-Books) are non-refundable or returnable once transaction is concluded.  
  14. What is your privacy policy?  
  We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone.  
  15. Who should we contact regarding issues on sales?  

You can always reach us at sales@pinkarmchair.com if you have any general questions regarding the order you just placed. Please be sure to include your order number in your email.

Alternately, you can contact 2checkout.com at https://www2.2checkout.com/2co/customer_order . (This information can be found at the bottom of the invoice they emailed you after your purchase)

  15. Anything else I need to know?  
  Please remember to click ONLY ONCE on the "Complete Order" button after you fill in your credit card info, even if there is seemingly no activity on the purchase page. Although we will gladly cancel any order that is accidentally processed, its still a bit of a hassle for us. Other than that, just know that we are super ultra grateful to you for supporting local independent artists!  
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