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  Product Type : Audio CD (autographed copy available as an option)  

Description : "Beautiful Seed", the 4th album released by Corrinne May debut at #1 on HMV charts in Singapore. It went on to dominate the #1 spot for the next 5 weeks. The album also received special recommendations by both HMV & Tower Records in Japan. This album features her brand new single "On The Side Of Me", a joyous ballad affirming the power of love. Also featured in the album are "Five Loaves & Two Fishes", "Shelter" & the title track "Beautiful Seed", an anthemic song about making a difference in this world.


  Track Listings
1. Love Song For #1
2. Shelter
3. On The Side Of Me
4. Five Loaves And Two Fishes
5. Beautiful Seed
6. Leaving
7. Scars (Stronger For Life)
8. City Of Angels
9. My Little Nephew
10.Slow Down
11. Green-Eyed Monster
12. On My Way
13. 33
14. Shelter (Cherry Blossom Edition)

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