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(corrinne may) released end 2001
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  Product Type : Audio CD (autographed copy)    
  Description : This Singapore-born, Berklee-educated songwriter combines the haunting otherworldliness of artists like Sarah McLachlan and Sting with the open veracity of Joni Mitchell. The result is Corrinne May's stunning self-titled release. May's voice is instantly intoxicating - beautiful and adept, but never needlessly showy. Her melodies slide elegantly through well-executed, smart arrangements. Even though one track, the lovely "If You Didn't Love Me", was co-written by Carole King and Carole Bayer Sager, May's solely self-penned songs stand on their own as solid, engaging examples of writing. "Stay on the Road" and "All that I Need" are lush driven pop while "Mr. Beasley" and the sweet opener "Fly Away" are piano adorned folk gems. With her hopeful, fluid lyrics and heavenly voice, this is a touching, enchanting record.

- Performing Songwriter Magazine, August 2002

  Track Listings
1. Fly Away
2. Same Side of the Moon
3. Something About You
4. Fall to Fly
5. If You Didn't Love Me
6. Stay on the Road
7. Mr. Beasley
8. All that I need
9. Walk Away
10. Will You Remember Me
11. Journey
12. Mr. Beasley (unplugged)

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