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(corrinne may) released 2005
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  Product Type : Audio CD (autographed copy)    
  Description : This 2nd album from Corrinne May features a mixture of pop ballads with lush strings and high energy pop-rock songs. Mastered by Grammy Award winner Bernie Grundman, the album includes the catchy "Little Superhero Girl", "If I Kissed You" and also the pop anthem "Free". Corrinne also reveals her softer side on this album as she opens up to her listeners with her touching "Safe in a Crazy World" and the love song " Every Beat of My Heart".


  Track Listings
1. Little Superhero Girl
2. Save Me
3. Free
4. Everything in its Time
5. Safe in a Crazy World
6. Let it Go
7. Angel in Disguise
8. If I Kissed You
9. The Birthday Song
10. Every Beat of my Heart
11. Free (Radio Edit)

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