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(kavin hoo) released mid 2006
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Publisher Description : Hidden within this beautiful music are rhythm and harmonic structures designed to increase mental focus and improve memory retention. Featuring piano, guitar, flute and keyboards.

"Art of Concentration" is a CD designed to help increase mental focus and improve memory retention. Using the theory of Pyschoacoustics, Binaural Beats and FFR (frequency-following response), the CD empowers the listener to study, read or work more efficiently instead of harder. This is done by tapping into the subconscious mind to generate brainwaves that boosts your metal health being and creative states. Created by the acclaimed producer of "Pure Relaxation", the "Art of Concentration" also showcases his signature new-age arrangements and provides a beautiful musical backdrop to the scientific nature of the CD.

Musicians - Guitar: Scott Garcia, Flute: Caroline Chan, Piano & Keyboards: Kavin Hoo



Track Listings

1. Convergence
2. Clouds of Seed
3. Whispering Thoughts
4. Timeless

- Utilizing Beta brainwaves. This 18+ minute segment may be used for any activities that require increased mental awareness and focus. Beta brainwaves reduces the amount of mindless "mind chatter" and can enhance the effectiveness of such activities like studying, working or exercising / dieting.

5. Consciousness
6. Unspoken
7. Galatea's Love

- Utilizing Alpha and Beta brainwaves. By adding higher frequency Alpha brainwaves, this 15+ minute segment puts you in a relaxed yet focused state that aids in problem solving and increases memory retention.

8. Metamorphosis
9. Regeneration
10. Embrace

- Utilizing Alpha and Theta brainwaves. According to researchers, Theta brainwaves are associated with creativity and a state of deep relaxation with high receptivity for new experiences and learning. Listening to this 17+ minute segment will rejuvenate your mind and help unblock mental barriers. Perfect for brain storming sessions, learning new languages or breaking bad habits.

You may listen to each track separately or as a whole. Listening from track 5 to 10 at night may also lead to deeper sleep and greater relaxation.

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