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(kavin hoo) released end 2004
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Publisher Description : Deeply relaxing sounds and peaceful winds rise up from this distant land. Featuring a blend of ehtnic flutes, yang chin, and lush instrumentation.

From the producer:

I was ecstatic when Lifescapes approached me to work on this concept album blending new age music with ethnic instruments from the Far East. It was an opportunity to acknowledge the influence traditional Chinese music has had on my musical journey and to reconnect with my culture and roots.

Just Relax: The Orient is a calming musical journey meant to rejuvenate the spirit, mind and soul. This album features piano & keyboard arrangments by Kavin with a host of talented musicians: Lang Chu on Guzheng, Yan Wen Tang on Yang Chin, Angie Chiang on ZiDi (flute) and Timothy Curle on Cymbals.



Track Listings

1 Footsteps in The snow
2 Melodies from the Night Fisherman (traditional)
3 Jade River Sampan
4 Peach Garden
5 Early Morning Mist
6 Flight of the Phoenix
7 Three and Six (traditional)
8 Heaven And Earth *
9 Pearl Moon
10 Lotus Blossom Lake

* Heaven And Earth was a song inspired by the courage and indomitable spirit of Pat Tillman during the trying times after 9/11. His life was cut short too soon but his spirits lives on.

More on his life:

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